Our Story

In 2017, I had a nightmare about a 17 or 18 year old black male lying on the ground, he was just shot and killed by law enforcement. I heard a voice say he’s innocent. The next day I was inspired by God to do something about police brutality. I reached out to a few friends one of which was a retired police captain. We started our research and development of an app that could make it safer for communities of color. In 2018, we formed RightThere Corporation and received funds and emotional support from family and friends. We now present the essence of our solution. RTC Protech app is at the Apple store and coming soon to google play. RTC received patent April 2021. In our discovery we developed other uses for the app. RTC Protech App can also be instrumental in other dangerous encounters.

About Us

RIGHTTHERE Corporation (RTC) strongly advocates that both innocent citizens and police officers return home safely. RTC Supports Law Enforcement in their duties to serve and protect our communities. We believe that all individuals should be protected equally by trained and skilled Police Officers. However, RTC is strongly against police misconduct, lack of transparency between the Police Departments and the community, and the lack of de-escalation training, which is not mandated in every state. All individuals should be treated equally with respect, given the benefit of the doubt and not presumed guilty because of the color of their skin.

Our Board Members

Maria Watkins

Our fearless Leader & Visionary.Determined to problem solve the hard challenges we face as a people of color.

Torrence Williams

Retired Police Captain.Exceptional desire to improve police & community relations.

Abra Barnes
Board Secretary

A Serial Entrepreneur,Community Activist & True Servant Leader brings her love for people to the team.

Verneice Wright
Board Treasure

Dedicated to advancing the next generation with tools of Empowerment & self value. Expert in getting things done.

Kurt Garrett
Board Advisor

Strong sense of preserving families and promoting innovative ways in advancing technology.Holds several medical patents.

Our Mission/Goals

  • To prevent police misconduct, reduce civil rights violations and make justice work for all.

  • We want to support good policing practices and hardworking police officers who serve and protect our communities.

  • Our goal is to provide a solution to out of control police officers.

  • RightThere wants to see all communities treated equally and fairly as other citizens in the United States.

  • We want to see safer neighborhoods and a reduction in dangerous encounters.

Our Core Commitments

  • RightThere is committed to providing quality services to all communities.

  • RightThere will provide premium customer service by treating subscribers with respect and dignity.

  • RightThere will always support justice for all and value humanity.

  • RightThere will operate in wisdom, integrity, humility and continuous improvement.

  • RightThere will build a positive legacy for the next generations.